Delta Offshore Energy To Speak At Gastech Virtual Summit

London — September 7, 2020. Delta Offshore Energy will be attending the Gastech Virtual Summit on September 7 to the 11th on a virtual platform. This event will include strategic and technical content streamed online, enabling the Gas, LNG, and Energy industry to connect and engage digitally to address the industry’s collective challenges and opportunities.

The Gastech Virtual Summit Strategic Conference, comprised of Global Business Leaders, will deliver advanced insights into the latest commercial strategies and trends dominating the Gas, LNG, and Energy industry.

Over 200 industry leaders will be in attendance, who will outline and share strategies and visions for confronting the new and changing energy markets. Delta Offshore Energy will be offering access to exclusive critical insights to Ministers, policymakers, business leaders, disrupters, and innovators on issues impacting the future of the industry, specifically in energy supply, affordability, and sustainability.

According to Bobby Quintos, “We look forward to presenting the latest information regarding exciting emerging opportunities occurring in the ASEAN region with regards to our latest offshore LNG projects.”

Taking place from 7 to September 11 on a fully interactive platform, Gastech is a perfect venue to introduce our rapidly developing LNG opportunities to the industry.

About Delta Offshore Energy

Delta Offshore Energy focuses on developing clean energy solutions as the future for meeting the power generation needs of emerging economies. We originate, structures, and co-develop clean energy projects with a particular focus on the rapidly evolving power sector in Vietnam. We encompass the entire spectrum of LNG to power, wind, and solar.


Gastech Virtual Summit
Delta Offshore Energy
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