Delta Offshore Energy received environmental land approval in Vietnam: Photo by Ben from Pexels
Delta Offshore Energy received environmental land approval in Vietnam: Photo by Ben from Pexels

“Despite the difficulties due to the recent COVID-19 wave and country lockdowns, we are encouraged that the government continues to drive its dual-policy goal of fighting the pandemic and prioritizing economic growth,” says Ian Nguyen, Co-Founder and Managing Director of DOE.

Once again, the progress continues at a steady pace for Energy Independence for Vietnam. Delta Offshore Energy secured the environmental approval for the LNG to Power Project, the 3.2 GW power plant, and LNG Terminal in Bac Lieu, Vietnam.

DOE continues working hand and hand with Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as they approved the project’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) at the beginning of September 2021.

Delta Offshore Energy expressed its sincerest gratitude to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) and its various departments led by Minister H.E. Tran Hong Ha, for the tremendous support in the process, given the difficult pandemic situation affecting the country at this time.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an extremely important key regulatory milestone towards financial close and validates DOE commitment to the environment.

“A key driver to growth is Foreign Direct Investment and this project is a low hanging fruit for such disbursements. The EIA is a key step in unlocking this capital,” says Ian Nguyen.

Vietnam is a developing economy that is undergoing the coal-to-gas conversion to enable the sustainable development of renewable energy and to follow the path of its Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nation peers.

The Bac Lieu LNG to Power (BLLP) project will help Vietnam’s energy transition from dirty coal to reduce harmful carbon emissions and pollutants, in line with its policy direction and alignment with international policy trends.


About Delta Offshore Energy

Delta Offshore Energy PTE (“DOE”) is a Singapore-registered company focused on project origination and development in clean energy. DOE is the owner of the 3.2 GW Bac Lieu LNG-to-Power project (“the Project”) which was approved by the Prime Minister for inclusion into Vietnam’s National Power Development Plan 7 revised (“PDP7R”). DOE received the Investment Registration Certificate in Vietnam in January 2020. The project is a landmark for Vietnam’s transformation from coal to clean energy and the first domestic thermal power project that is 100% privately funded under the IPP regime. Bac Lieu LNG Power Company Limited was registered at the Bac Lieu Department of Planning and Investment with the business code of 1900677981 issued on June 11, 2021. This is an economic entity set up by DOE to implement the Project in accordance with the law of Vietnam.  

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