Continuing to support energy innovation, US Department of Commerce provides advocacy for Delta Offshore Energy Project

Houston, Texas, 3 March 2021 – Houston-based Delta Offshore Energy (DOE) announced today that the US Department of Commerce will continue to provide official commercial advocacy for their Vietnam Bac Lieu project.

DOE is the lead company and owner of a $3-billion project to develop a revolutionary LNG-to-Power (LNG2P) plant in southern Vietnam, to be built in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu. In the first 100-percent privately funded and owned major project in Vietnam, Delta Offshore Energy will oversee the engineering and construction of the entire facility, which includes a 3.2-GW gas-fueled power generation plant, a floating LNG receiving terminal, a floating regasification plant, a 22-mile pipeline and all associated infrastructure on and offshore. Strategic partners in the project include Bechtel, GE Power and McDermott International.

Advocacy by the Department of Commerce means that DOE’s LNG2P project has the support of US trade representatives abroad, and that financing for the project can be supported by the US Export-Import Bank, the US Development Finance Corporation and the US International Trade Development Agency, the three key finance-oriented organizations that help US companies participate in major international projects.

The Advocacy Center only grants approval to companies after a lengthy vetting process, during which it determines whether commercial advocacy of a project or proposal is in the national interest. Approval of DOE’s LNG2P project underscores the Biden Administration’s support of US energy-related exports and the domestic jobs those exports represent.

Expected to go online in 2024, the Bac Lieu LNG-to-Power plant will enable the clean industrialization of Bac Lieu province and help the Vietnamese Government in its plans to liberate itself from coal as a primary power source, its drive to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and its program to eradicate poverty.

“As the US has transitioned to the Biden Administration, the Department of Commerce has confirmed that the Delta Offshore Energy Bac Lieu project will remain a focus for US Government advocacy in Vietnam. This will allow us to fulfill our goal of generating American jobs through our US consortium partners’ involvement and support the Administration’s LNG export policy to replace coal-fired power plants around the world,” said Bobby Quintos, Delta Managing Director based in their Houston office.

Delta Offshore Energy
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